Nothing but a Hat

I used to be one of “those parents”. You know what I’m talking about. When you are discussing your child rearing woes, I’d silently sit by, and try not to look smug. And when asked how my daughter went down to sleep, I’d quietly reply, “she does fine”. What is that saying, something about pride goethe before the fall…

Lately (read, the last few months) it’s been getting increasingly harder to get her to go to bed at a decent hour. We’d reduced ourselves to bribing her with milk or juice in a sippy cup that she could have in bed. Yes, I know, I know, a horrible thing to do if I want her to have teeth. So, we’ve been trying to get away from this bribery tactic and go back to going sweetly to sleep like she used to.

As we have been making this effort Peanut has become more and more creative in her efforts to get us to let her stay up or have…something…when going to bed.  She knows it’s a power struggle, and she is determined to show us who is boss.  She’ll be calling and crying out my name, and when I come in and ask her what she wants she has to stop and think what thing she’s going to try and get me to let her do.

One of her more creative efforts is to tell us she is “poopie” knowing that a diaper change will take up at least a minuet.  When we realized this was a ploy, we’d just check her diaper instead of automatically believing her.  Her response to this was to remove the diaper herself.

One evening as we had been going through the rounds, I though I had gotten her to “give up” and go to sleep because of the length of time it had been silent in her room. But Peanut called for me and I went.  She was sitting huddled in the corner of her bed, wearing nothing but a hat and was pointing at the other side of her room declaring she was scared because a dog was over there.

How would you respond to that?



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