In the blink of an eye

Cake is growing so fast. Every parents knows that one minute they are tiny babies who can’t do a thing, and the next they are running around sassing back. Even being aware of that phenomenon, I’m shocked with how fast the time passes. This week Cake sat up by herself for the first time. She’s also started rolling. Gone is the infant, now replace by a tall baby who is discovering things, like her feet and that grabbing moms nose is fun. What would we do without memories?

Every month I take a picture of Cake in her diaper on the same quilt, just to see the changes she makes from month to month. I did the same thing with Peanut. It’s really fun to look and see what little thing changed that you didn’t notice while it was going on, but really hits you when you compare.

What did/do you do to remember changes in your children?



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