Jane Austin’s Letters

As you may have noticed by the side bar, I’m reading Jane Austin’s Letters at the moment. The intro goes on and on about how so many people were very disappointed by them, how they shouldn’t be expected to be anything like her novels. How the writing isn’t up to par, how you really can’t expect all that much from letters to family. Frankly, I think all the critics were insane, her letters are hilarious. Not only is the writing style sprightly, the way she pokes fun at those around her, as well as herself, makes her feel real. She talks about the little in’s and out’s of her life, which is just the kind of writing I like (hum…isn’t that what I’m doing here? Not that I class my writing with Miss. Austin’s, mind you.) in a letter. I would like to be friends with Jane Austin. She seems to be my kind of woman.

One of the reasons I’m reading them is we are planning on going to a ball this weekend. I like to get in the right frame of mind by watching movies and reading books that lend themselves to that kind of thing. Even though this ball is the George Washington Ball, I think Jane Austin will get you in the right frame of mind for any ball. I’ll be sure and tell you about the ball once we’ve gone.


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One thought on “Jane Austin’s Letters

  1. marlajayne February 14, 2008 at 8:50 pm Reply

    If people can poke fun of HER letters, this gives me even more reason to be selective in what I write in my journal. I mean really…if one can’t be a little freer when writing friends and relatives, then what’s the point of writing them?

    Enjoy the ball.


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