Temporary Insanity

The other day a “survey” person called me. Normally I won’t give those people the time of day, but I guess I was wanting to talk to an adult for a few minutes, so I talked to them. After a few minutes when the girl asked me if she could send someone by my house to show me a cleaning product for a two night stay in a hotel, “we just want your opinion, we aren’t trying to sell you anything” she said, I had a temporary laps into insanity and said yes. I have NO idea why I did that. Husband was ready to check me into a insane asylum when I told him.

Husband was also taking bets on what they would be selling. His vote was vacuums. Last night they came. He was SO right. I had to fight laughter the whole time the guy was talking. About ten minutes into his spiel he said, “okay, this is as far as I have to go to give you the free vacation, do you want to continue?” We said we were good.

So, he gave us our travel certificates, or what ever you call them. After reading the back of the certificate and finding that their is a “refundable reservation guarantee” of $50, I thought I had better look into the company before I did anything else. The company that does this is called World Wide Travel Center and they are apparently a scam. I’m so surprised (I hope you catch the sarcasm). You will notice that the web site they provided on the certificate doesn’t work and when you call the phone number to book, you just get a busy signal on the extension hat the menu tells you to pick. I tried one of the other extensions just for kicks and it rings, but I decided not to mess around any more.

I wonder if the 419 Eater guy takes on people like this.

I have a friend who always used to say “Their is no such thing as a free lunch”, why couldn’t I have remembered that very very true adage during my moment of Temporary Insanity.

Have you ever done or agreed to something and afterwards wonder what possessed you?

p.s. I wonder if they give you a real travel certificate if you actually buy their vacuum…



2 thoughts on “Temporary Insanity

  1. Lorie February 26, 2008 at 6:51 pm Reply

    I love those vacuum sales people!!! I once had a friend refer me (put my name on a list so they would come to my house! YEAH!)

    Um …the ‘Rainbow’ cost over $1000! And when we didn’t buy it he had to clean it out AT my house and looked so annoyed the whole time!

    Seriously, if you have to offer a payment plan for your vacuum you MIGHT not want to pitch it to a newly married couple!

    Sorry you didn’t get a real certificate out of it though!


  2. Steve March 17, 2008 at 6:47 am Reply

    Stick with a Dyson – it’s Brit, cheaper and better!


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