It’s the little things

I’ve been making some little changes in the way I do things and what I do in my life since Cake was born and I’ve noticed that they make a big difference. I thought I would mention just a few of them.

One thing that I have done of late is study gospel related stuff a little bit more. It’s amazing how much adding just a few more minutes of scripture study to your day can do for you. Another thing that I did was shift the time I do my scripture study. I’d gotten into the habit of doing it last thing at night and I found that I didn’t get much out of it. Now that Peanut and Cake nap at the same time I’ve started doing it then. It’s amazing how your comprehension improves when you’re not falling asleep.

I’ve also tried to be more diligent about reading the Ensigns that come out. What’s the point of having modern revelations available to you if you don’t avail yourself of them? It’s surprising (well, it really shouldn’t be surprising) how often I find myself thinking, “this talk is exactly what I needed!”

I know these things are “no brainer” type of stuff, but it’s good for me to write down that I recognize the value of them.

What little changes have you made in your life recently that have made a big difference?


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