The first (and hopefully only) time

I locked myself out of my house today…Which is less exciting and WAY less fun then it might be, especially if you have kids.  Sadly, the nearest set of spare keys was 25 minuets away.  So Husband had to leave work (which is not something he really needed this week with all the crazy deadlines he as looming right now) and come save me.  He was very sweet about it though.

Well, things to do, laundry to wash.

Have you ever locked yourself out?



3 thoughts on “The first (and hopefully only) time

  1. Lorie April 22, 2008 at 1:41 pm Reply

    Make a copy of your key and leave it at my house! I am a lot closer than 25 minutes and I promise I won’t break in to use your deep fryer! 😀

    I have locked myself out of my house more than once. There is a way that is decently easy for a little person to sneak into my house though…so I have the boy do it…or when he isn’t home I have to BRIBE the girl to do it! *sigh*


  2. Camille April 22, 2008 at 9:17 pm Reply

    It’s not so much have you locked yourself out of your house as it is How many times have you locked yourself out of your house. And the answer is.. I’m not sure. I think it is five, maybe.


  3. Becca April 23, 2008 at 9:53 am Reply

    Um…Yes. I have done it a few times at home, and in high school I locked my keys in the car while it was running(I was getting ready to drive to school) and my mom had me call a locksmith and I had to pay 50 bucks to have him take 2 seconds to unlock it. I need one of those tools… Hey, thx again for watching the kids last night!


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