A Blog about Blogging

I’ve had several thought about blogging lately that I thought I would share with all ya’all.

Firstly, I wish that more of my friends had blogs. I really enjoy reading what’s going on with the people that matter to me and I know I can’t really expect them to write a ton of personal email. Frankly, I have a hard time keeping up with mine some days!

I guess I’m saying, START A BLOG.

Secondly, I wish the blogs that I read updated more frequently. I know I just said that I understand that people are busy and stuff, and I do. I just wish that their lives were such that they could write a little more often. I don’t have much time for socializing and many of my friends live far away so it’s a fast way for me to feel up to date and involved in their lives. And, as we know, everything is all about me and my needs -smerk-

I guess I’m saying, UPDATE YOUR BLOG.

Thirdly, I’m debating on if I should allow searches to find my blog. I currently have it set so wordpress doesn’t show my blog on any of their listings and it’s not listed with the search engines. I’m just curious in if ANYONE besides those who already know me would be interested in what I have to say. The only reason I think that has any possibility is the amazing popularity of some websites that I think are lame. So if THOSE web sites have a following, what would happen to mine? Again, everything is about me.

I guess I’m saying, READ MY BLOG.

Fourthly, I really enjoy the comments people make on my blog. You may have noticed that I end most of my posts with a question, I do that because I really want to know your thoughts. I’ve learned a few things, had some laughs and just loved hearing from you. Thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog.

I guess I’s saying, COMMENT ON MY BLOG.

Fifthly, I wish their was a Femininity blog with the same goals as this one for men. Have you run into any? I think Femininity took as much as a hit, if not more, from the feminist movement as chivalry and manliness did. I would like to start one. Femininity is something about culture and womanhood that I would love to help preserve. I don’t think I could do it on my own. If anyone is interested in doing a blog on The Art of Femininity with me please send me a line.

Well, those are my thoughts on blogs for today. Discuss…



2 thoughts on “A Blog about Blogging

  1. Lorie May 28, 2008 at 10:23 pm Reply

    I have a blog. I update it pretty regularly, which you know because you read it! I read yours and am commenting. And I already have like 10 too many blogs, so what is one more. All though I am not sure I know anything about femininity! ;D

    As for letting search engines find your blog…I think I would leave thise one the way it is, since you update your family and have pictures of your kiddos. But you can always have more than one blog. And you can let search engines find your OTHER blog. Just my 2 cents


  2. Camille May 29, 2008 at 9:17 pm Reply

    I love your blog and read it often I guess I should update mine more (since life is all about me I assumed you were talking to me) but I will say this, I have tried to comment on yours a couple of times and had the computer not take my comment. My and electronics don’t get along to well. I guess I need to go and update now.


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