The Other Job

I have talked several times about my love (and sometimes frustration about, but mostly LOVE) being a full time, stay at home Mom.  But I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I have another job too.  I work part time, from home.

Although I enjoy the mental stimulation that comes from the work I do, sometimes I wish it would all go away (Sorry Boss).  I feel this way particularly when my job is taking time away from my family.  Like last night for example.  I had some work to do that I thought would take me an hour.  I always try to work when the girls I sleeping, but that means that I’m missing spending some alone time with Husband.  When I ran into a few bumps it turned out being 9:58 p.m. before I was at a stopping point.  Most of my evening with Husband gone.

It’s times like that when I try to remind myself of the long term reasons I took this job when Peanut was born…sometimes they seem too long term to make up for the current loss in family time.  Now if the girls would just nap at the same time, problem solved.

What work, Mom related or other wise, do you feel takes you away from more important (or stuff you just would rather be doing) things?


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