Monkey in your tree

This is one of those stories that I think is funnier when you were there but I want to write it anyway.

On Sunday between sessions of Conference Husband and Peanut were putting together a Cinderella Puzzle.  While they were doing it Husband was singing the opening title song to Cinderella (which he sings in this deep, Frank Sinatra kind of voice, that I really like) He sang “Cinderella, your as lovely as a dream, Cinderella, your a sunset in a frame…”.  Peanut was telling him “Not sing with your mouth”, which is what she says when she doesn’t want you to sing.

Later, during the afternoon session Peanut was still working on the puzzle and SHE started to sing.  This is what she sang in her high little voice.

“Cinderella, theirs a monkey in your tree, Cinderella, theirs a monkey in your dreams, Cinderella…”

I’m not sure what was talked about during the talk where she was singing because I was laughing too hard.


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One thought on “Monkey in your tree

  1. Steve October 9, 2008 at 11:11 am Reply

    I know which lyrics I prefer…


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