A tail of two Pooh Bears

Actually Pooh Bear doesn’t have a tail…

Peanut has had a Pooh Bear since she was born.  Here uncle EE gave it to her.  When we found her really attached to it (Husband says this is completely my doing, he may be right) we wondered what would happen if Pooh Bear were to become lost or on the inevitable day when he fell apart.  Sadly Disney no longer made that particular type of Pooh Bear.  Luckily for us, uncle EE had another and kindly gave it to Peanut.

We tried to keep this second Pooh Bear a secret.  We feared that she would want BOTH at the same time, then what would we do?  We were successful at this for about a year or so.  Then one day Peanut had one Pooh and stumbled upon the second Pooh, which had been missing.  The look on her face was price less.

We still try to keep one Pooh put away for backup but it doesn’t always work like that.  When she has both of them she calls them Pooh Bear and Pooh’s Friend, or sometimes the second bear is Pooh’s Mommy.

Yesterday Peanut had both Pooh Bears.  I was trying to get her to have a nap or a least “quiet time” I was resting on my bed and she came in with both Pooh Bears.  She offered me one.  When I said yes she took some time deciding which one to give me.  What was the test for the REAL Pooh Bear?  She felt his ears.

What she does with Pooh when she is going to bed is she rubs his ears.  Sometimes she pulls them between her fingers sometimes she just pinches them.  Apparently the pinch test helps her determine which is the “real” Pooh Bear.

So, after pinching the two Pooh’s ears a few times she decided which one to give me and which one to keep for herself.  And that is the tale of two Pooh Bears.


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2 thoughts on “A tail of two Pooh Bears

  1. Lorie October 17, 2008 at 8:11 am Reply

    Which one did she give you?


  2. smendrick October 19, 2008 at 8:16 am Reply

    A few months ago, I saw the most brilliant thing about kids’ “loveys.” My sister-in-law gave her daughter a cloth diaper (aka burp cloth) to carry around. There is more than one, and they are practically impossible to tell apart. I decided to copy her, so now baby #4 has the most replaceable lovey ever. He loves to cuddle his burp cloths, and I can always find one!!! It sure beats tearing the house apart to find the well-loved and elusive Lambie.


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