Some things one Summer taught me

The other day I was thinking back on an experience I had when I was a teenager.  I spent two summers in the country of Armenia. (Not Romania, Armenia)  Armenia has been on my mind a lot of late, mostly do to what is going on in Georgia right now.

Anyway, what I was thinking about the other day was how lucky I was to have that experience.  I learned a greater appreciation for things like, electricity, running water, and air conditioning.  Things that most of us here take for granted. The day we got home from our first trip to Armenia the first thing my brother, The Monastic Assassin, (on a side note I don’t know if he even knows where that nick name came from or that I call him that.) and I did was flip the lights on and off and run a lot of hot water down the drain.

I also learned to love America a lot more.

One thing that we got to do in Armenia was go to come great concerts.  That first summer they were doing a summer long tribute to American and Armenian composers.  At the beginning of each concert they played the Armenian national anthem, which at the time had yet to get new words since they had become free from the USSR so it was just this beautiful music, followed by our national anthem. All the Americans stood, looking at the US flag and sang that song.  I have never been able to hear the national anthem since with out crying.  That was when I learned about patriotism.  That is a lesson I wish I could share with every citizen of this country.

Did you have an experience that taught you what my summers in Armenia did?


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One thought on “Some things one Summer taught me

  1. Mom October 17, 2008 at 6:15 pm Reply

    One of the things I always wished was the more Americans could see how those in other countries really live – not just what the tourist spots look like. Aremenian’s are more loving and respectful of their country than we are of ours, even though they really have less to be thankful for. They were also very thoughtful and appreciative of visitors to their country, which many Americans are not. I always thought it was a wonderful experience and wished that Rob could have been with us, though it turns out that he was having the same experiences only in Mexico. Also, I have been waiting for one, any one, of our current political candidates to express how grateful they are for our blessings here in this country. John McCain has come closest.


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