National Chocolate Cupcake Day

I always thought it would be fun to celebrate all the crazy “holidays” that are out there, a way to make the day special and teach the kids something every month.  So I stared looking on line for some official list of holidays.  I found some great ones that I can use to teach my kids stuff like National Armed Forces day, and Bill of Rights day, things like that.  Then a few silly ones like “The day of the Ninja” and “International Talk Like A Pirate Day” Then I got A Baker’s Field Guide to Cupcakes which I mentioned once before and in it I learned about National Chocolate Cupcake Day.

This post was just going to be about how Peanut and I made Chocolate Cupcakes the other day to celebrate this chocolaty holiday (October 18th) and how they were really tasty and how Peanut loves to bake.  But then, when I was looking up a link to add for National Chocolate Cupcake Day I came across this and  THIS!

Now, bear in mind that I haven’t been able to find any proof that these are REALLY National Holidays.  No government site seems to mention them…but all the lists are consistent so SOMEONE came up with it and it’s being touted as National so my reaction is…

I knew there were people in Washington with TOO much time, but just think, their had to be some government funded committee to come up with all this stuff, and one to review it, and one to approve it….and think of all the food lobbyist (you know the Fig Newton people had to be behind January 16th!) that spent millions of dollar to get their food of choice a national day…it just boggles the mind.

Okay, after further research I have decided that the Food Holidays can’t really government mandated as I can’t find a thing about them. But I did find this interesting stuff on Wikipedia and this.  Some of these give me the same reaction as I initially had to the food holidays.

So my reaction now is, WHO IN THE WORLD CAME UP WITH THIS CONSTANT AND COMPREHENSIVE LIST?!?! and why are they called National holidays?

If you know, please tell me, I’m dying to know.



2 thoughts on “National Chocolate Cupcake Day

  1. Pat Durda October 29, 2008 at 4:21 pm Reply

    Dad would know…but then he’s never been to a ask him next time you talk.

    And share..inquiring minds would like to know!


  2. Steve November 4, 2008 at 2:58 pm Reply

    Do you ever think you just MIGHT have too much time on your hands…?


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