Apparently Peanut has Lepidophobia.

She is afraid of butterfies, sort of.

A few weeks back we went to the botanical gardens.  Every spring and fall a really cool butterfly exhibit.  You can go in and the butterflies are all over the place.  Peanut and Cake both loved it.  Peanut went on and on about how beautiful they were,  how much she loved the butterflies, and on and on.  Until one landed near her.  Then she did the whole try-to-climb-up-mom’s-leg thing and acted all freaked out.  Later we were sitting on a bench and one little butterfly was flapping all around my feet, I think it was hurt.  Peanut was also freaked out by this. She kept telling me that the butterfly was trying to get her.

So she loves butterflies, and she is afraid of them…


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