Turn off Mommy

This may turn out to be one of those stories that it funny when you were there but does not translate to paper…we will see.

A few days back Cake was playing with the wireless mouse to my lap top and being very squeaky.  Husband took the mouse form here (for fear of breakage) and clicked it at her and jokingly said, “Too bad this doesn’t turn you off!”  Peanut overheard this and decided it was a great idea.  She got the mouse from Husband and tried to turn Cake off.  When that didn’t work she tried it on her mommy.  I promptly closed my eyes and collapsed to the side.

Peanut got REALLY excited, and I mean REALLY EXCITED!!!  Husband talked to her and asked her why she turned off mommy.  She said “Mommy needs to turn off. ”  Husband said “We need to turn Mommy back on” and took the mouse and turned me back on.  I sat up and blinked my eyes a few times.  “No! Mommy needs to turn off!” Peanut said as she took the mouse back.  She turned me off again and I slumped over.  Husband asked “Why did you turn Mommy off again?” “Mommy needs to be off!” Said Peanut.  “We need Mommy on so she can take care of you.  Who will take care of you if mommy is off?” Husband queried.  “Mikey” was the instant reply (Mikey is her four year old little friend that is a boy).  “Mikey?  Is Mikey going to make you dinner?” countered Husband.  “Mikey’s Mommy can make me dinner and Mikey can put me in bed” (Bri, proof again that my kids like you more then me!). Stated Peanut.

The conversation went on like this for some time.  In the end Husband had to get the mouse back and turn me back on and then put it up on a shelf before Peanut could get it back.

Some times I wish I could really turn off…but then Bri would have to come over and make Peanut dinner and Mikey put her to bed.


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One thought on “Turn off Mommy

  1. Tom November 21, 2008 at 1:35 pm Reply

    Frankly, I can see where the kid is coming from…sometimes I wish I could turn off ‘mommy.’



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