Digital psych analysis

So, I have this theory.  (You know, way too many of my posts start this way. )

So, my theory is that the way we organize our digital files is actually a deep insight into the way our minds work. For example, my father is a smart man, but his brain works WAY differently then anyone I have ever met (except one or two of his sons, but I digress) and I challenge anyone to find ANYTHING on his computer. His filing system, like his mind, just doesn’t make sense to any one other then him. My mother on the other hand, is a smart woman, but her brain works in a fashion most other people can understand. As long as your brain doesn’t work like my fathers then you can easily find anything you want on her computer.

So I think instead of having a therapist analyzing people you should just take a look at their digital filing system and you will know everything you need to about their psyche.

Take me for example.  I over folderize.  I don’t like to have files and folders on the same directory level.  I want it to be all files or all folders.  If I have two things that go together, I make a folder for them.  Everything is sorted by type, then alphabetized, then by date.

What does this tell you about me?  So, take a guess in the comments and I’ll tell you if I think it’s true (but them I’m totally biased.  Maybe I should ask Husband or my Mom to tell you if it’s true.

The next time your on a computer other then your own, take a look at the filing system and see what you can learn.



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