Girl Logic

I have this theory…

There is regular logic and then there is Girl logic.

Regular logic goes like this.

1+1 = 2

Girl logic goes like this.

1+ 1 = I’m fat.

You know it’s true.

The thing that is interesting about girl logic to me is that fact that we women can have both kinds of logic run in our head at the same time.  The key to not doing crazy things based on girl logic is to be sure that you know which is which.

For example.

Let’s say you are watching TV with your husband.  He says “Wow, that girls pretty!” about some girl in the commercial.

Regular logic starts “Hum, yes, she is rather.  She has nice eyes.  I wonder what it is that he thinks is pretty about her?”

Girl logic starts “WHAT!?!?!  I can’t believe it, my husband doesn’t love me any more!  He doesn’t think I’m pretty.  I HATE that stupid actress!”

I have an unreasonable hatred of Gwen Stefani due to girl logic.

If you let girl logic win you spend the rest of the evening mad at your husband when you could have listened to regular logic and found out he thought the actress was pretty because she reminded him of you.

A Note for men:
If you understand girl logic you can avoid all kinds of trouble.  For example, instead of the statement of “Wow, that girl is pretty!” You could say, “That girls hair reminds me of yours.  That must be the reason she’s an actress, she’s got your beautiful hair!”  Then, instead of a mad wife, you have a VERY happy wife, even though your internal thoughts were the same both times.

What I want to know is:
Women, can you recognize the difference between girl logic and regular logic?
Men, do you understand girl logic enough to stay out of trouble?



2 thoughts on “Girl Logic

  1. Salsa Mama January 6, 2009 at 10:47 pm Reply

    Oh my gosh, you SOOOOO hit this one right on!!! I have an abundance of girl logic in my brain lately. I try to go with the regular, but for some reason my emotions take over and the girl logic kick in full force. My poor husband! 🙂


  2. tdljld January 7, 2009 at 12:52 pm Reply

    At least you KNOW it happens. I know that most girls out there deny that there is any such thing as girl logic.


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