My Editor

I caught Cake doing something on my computer the other day.  She was editing my blog posts.

When I saw what she had done I read through some old posts and found some other “editing” that I’m guessing was done by Cake.  Now I’m not saying that I’m a perfect typist or that I have grade A grammar all the time, but if you happen to see a post with some random characters and things in them, you can probably thank my little editor.

It continually amazes me that through random clicking kids are able to do things that some adults can’t figure out how to do when they are TRYING to do it.  For example, for the longest time Peanut would uninstall my wireless network card any time she could get to my computer.  Ever since she figured out how to get to playhouse Disney whenever she wants to my network card stopped being randomly uninstalled.

What do your kids do when they find your computer on?


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