The EVIL Tree

When Husband bought our house (before we were married) their was a tree in the front yard.  It didn’t require a lot of work and provided a lot of shade and we thought that was great.  Then, the spring came.  The tree started to spit out this pollen balls that made a huge mess and which we were pretty sure husband was allergic to.  Our poor neighbor, who was very careful to keep his yard immaculate, was VERY frustrated with all the mess he had to clean up.  One day he offered to help chop down the tree.  So, we chopped the tree down.  It was then that we discovered just how evil the tree was.

It didn’t die.

Oh, sure, the tree was gone, as well as the stump (Husband had fun pulling it out of the ground with our big truck, which he misses greatly) but the evilness lingered on.  Thousands of little sproutlets of this same tree began springing up all over.  I began to notice all down our street similar little trees springing into existence.  We had thought that the pollen balls were a pain to clean up, but little did we know how much worse the sproutlets would be.

Five years later we are still fighting the battle with those sproutlets.  I’m not sure if these are from our original tree or if they are from it’s brother trees down the street trying to get revenge on us for cutting down a member of their evil family, but we (or more correctly, Husband and the neighborhood kid we hire to help us when the weeds get really bad) continually have to dig out little trees that spring up over night.

Have you ever had a plant that just wouldn’t die?  What is the bane of your gardening existence?

For those of you who were acquainted with me in my childhood, this tree is even more evil and it’s magical powers of life after death even greater then “The Great Kendinstree”

*chanting* The Great Kendinstree Lives, The Great Kendinstree Lives! *end chanting*



2 thoughts on “The EVIL Tree

  1. Tom March 5, 2009 at 1:21 pm Reply

    Acacia farnesiana var. farnesiana…
    Satan’s garden is full of them!


  2. Cutey March 5, 2009 at 7:36 pm Reply

    I wonder what type of tree it is? I had several trees in my yard growing up and I hated cleaning up after them as well. My neighbor called it the Trash Tree. It’s real more common name is tree of heaven. Rose by any other name….. is boldercrap if you ask me!


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