I work for the man

I started back to work on Monday.  It’s weird having to work again.  It’s surprising how quickly one can get used to NOT doing something.

Today was employee satisfaction survey day.  As I telecommute, I take my survey over the phone. Their is one section where you get to do comments rather then just answering questions.  That’s my favorite part.  Although I know realistically nothings is really going to come of my suggestions or complaints, it’s nice to feel like my feedback is taken seriously (and even heard at all) by people other then just my direct manager.  Theoretically the county manager actually reads them…I wonder if he really does…hum…



One thought on “I work for the man

  1. Pat April 26, 2009 at 3:17 pm Reply

    Well, they are lucky to have you back….and I guess you could test the system to see if the comments get read…..write something outrageous! On second thought, it’s probably not really worth it to know for sure…

    Maybe Peanut can help you pick up the slack soon at work!


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