As I’ve been visiting my parents I’ve also had a chance to catch up with some old friends, some of which I haven’t seen in over five years.  It’s been fun to catch up on what has gone on in their lives.  All this visiting and catching up has made me think about back in the days before interstate highways and air travel, how if you moved away from an area, even as little as fifty miles, you were very unlikely to see any of those people again.  All the pioneers who settled the west while leaving family back east only got news via letters.  No flitting back for a week and catching up with old friends, no blogs or email to use for quick communication.  How lucky we are to be able to keep in touch so easily.

So, keep that in mind next time you blog (and you should!) or when you send that email to your old college roommate.

What person do you still consider a good friend that you haven’t seen in a long time?  And how long has it been?



One thought on “Visiting

  1. Cutey May 18, 2009 at 8:21 am Reply

    All my friends in Lewiston changed my life and yet I’m not in contact with any of them and I really miss that.


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