Crazy Dentist Man say What?!?

He said “Jenny, you need a root canal!”

I am less then happy.

And lest anyone think I have bad dental hygiene, I don’t.  The dentist even said what a shame it was because I have such nice clean teeth, he even used the word fabulous to describe them.

I have to have a root canal because of a car accident I was in about four years ago.  Crazy eh?  What happened is I was clenching my teeth when I got rear ended really badly.  It messed up my bite and caused the left side of my mouth to go in and out of sensitive phases.  I got my bite adjusted, but apparently that wasn’t enough, and now four years later, root canal here I come.

So, if you clench your teeth like me and you ever get in a car accident, be sure to take potential dental problems down the road into account when making a settlement.



2 thoughts on “Crazy Dentist Man say What?!?

  1. Smendrick June 5, 2009 at 8:30 am Reply

    Yeah, it is human nature to clench teeth in an accident, but it isn’t a good idea, I agree! (It happened to me, too.)

    I wish you good luck with your root canal. Hopefully your dentist has a laser drill for the deep part–it’s much nicer than the traditional drill. I, unfortunately, have had way too much experience in the root canal department. I wish someone had told me that having kids would ruin my practically perfect teeth.


  2. Carol Crisp June 5, 2009 at 1:42 pm Reply

    I feel your pain. Many moons ago I took a fall from a horse and unknown to me , I cracked a tooth. A few years later and I am getting a crown and a root canal. I had nothing but problems after that. I ended up having major infection and had the crown replaced and eventually the tooth pulled. Now I still have a big hole on that side, because I can’t bring myself to have a implant done. Teeth who needs um?


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