Kitty Cake

Peanut is visiting her Granny and Grandad, so Cake and Cheese have been with out their big sister.  It’s been really fun to see Cake without the dominating influence of Peanut.  Cake has REALLY enjoyed being the oldest child in the house.

One new thing that she has done while her sister has been away is playing pretend about animals.  Cake was crawling around pretending to be a cat, meowing and all.  It was really cute and funny.  Pretending to be an animal is something that Cake has seen Peanut do many times, I find it interesting that she waited until her sister was gone to do it herself…



One thought on “Kitty Cake

  1. hotmama July 9, 2009 at 2:59 pm Reply

    That is funny. I found that each of my kids would suddenly have a period of being a baby animal when the next sibling came along. Bronson insisted on being called “baby kitty Bronson” or “Baby Doggy Bronson” for weeks when Bridger was born, etc. The problem came when you didn’t know if he was being doggy or kitty. Then he’d throw a fit.

    The odd thing was that it didn’t matter if they were 2 years apart or 4. They each still did it in their turn. It must be a way to be the baby again and get that “baby” attention turned back on them.


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