Mom should Blog

My mother is a great writer.  She’s even had a book published. She’s a very busy woman and hasn’t had much time to write in the last few years, which is a real shame.  I’ve always loved reading what she writes, even just little emails and such that she sends.  She just has a way with words.

When I was visiting after my grandmothers funeral, we were talking and I asked about several family history type stories.  From this my mother decided to send an email once a week to one of my brothers and me, recounting those types of things.  My suggestions is that she blog these stories.  That way, they are in an easily searchable format, that lends it self nicely to what she is trying to do.

I’ve already told her this, but I figured if I blogged my suggestion to blog, maybe that would stand a greater chance of convincing her.

And maybe if everyone tries to convnice her, she will one day post “Cara Crane and the Loom of Doom!” which is my very favorite of her stories…well, maybe “Cara Crane and the Burning Box” is my favorite…


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