Do it Hips!

I noticed a while back that at 6:00 Wia Lana Yoga comes on PBS, I was thinking how I needed to get back to doing yoga on a regular basis, so even though I’d never heard of Wia Lana I thought, what the heck.  I’ve got a DVR so I set it to record every mornings exercise.  I’ve been doing yoga to it in the mornings the last few weeks.  It’s been good for me in a lot of ways.  Although, I often wind up doing my own poses because Wia Lana does stuff that I don’t even think my yoga teacher can do.  One fun thing that has come from this is that the girls like to do yoga with me.

Cake, mostly likes to climb on me when I’m doing any pose that she can reach my back.  Or if I’m doing seated poses she will jump into my lap.  Not always very comfortable I might add.

Peanut, actually tries to do the poses.  Now when Wia Lana goes into some crazy feet over your head poses and what not Peanut will still try it.  One morning when she was trying to copy Wia Lana in plow pose I heard her talking

“Do it hips! DO IT!!!!”

I didn’t even know she knew what hips were, and here she was talking to them!


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