More AAHCS 2009

So, yesterday when I was talking about the AAHCA and the Tax they are going to impose if you don’t have what they deem to be “Acceptable Health Care Coverage”.  I know some of you were thinking  “It doesn’t matter because  I will have “Acceptable Health Care Coverage”.  But here is a question for you, do you know how they define “Acceptable Health Care Coverage”?

You don’t know, do you.

They don’t know either!  This is because some guy referred to as “The Commissioner” get’s to decided that.  So, some guy, yet to be appointed by the President, gets to decided for YOU what is “Acceptable Health Care Coverage”.  Don’t you think YOU should decide what is “Acceptable Health Care Coverage” is for YOU and YOUR Family?

Where in the Constitution does it grant Congress the power to decide that, or to assign someone to decide that?  And don’t say it’s the general welfare clause, because this is defiantly NOT going to result in general welfare (unless your taking about “welfare” as in the government dole!)

You would think that if their was someone who would be in favor of affordable health care it would be me, because we have so many serious health problems in our family.  All I can see from reading the bill is how much MORE it is going to cost and how much harder they are going to make it for me to take my family to find good doctors.

Speaking of reading it, you should  Here’s the most recent copy that I could find on the internet.  By the way, I plan on reading the whole thing, which is more then I can say for all the people (R and D’s) who will be voting on it!



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