I made this


Earlier this week I got a box of apples from my inlaws.  I was trying to figure out various ways to use up these apples before they went bad.  As I don’t have a root cellar I opted to try a variety of other preservation techniques.  This was the first one I tried.


It’s been years since I have done any type of perserving.  The last time was peaches and grape juice with my Dad as a teenager.  And this was the first time I did it by myself.  We tried it out and it tasted quite good.

I only did six jars.  Tonight I’m going to do some more apples, this time Applebutter I think….



One thought on “I made this

  1. lady macbeth September 15, 2010 at 4:55 pm Reply

    Way to go, Jenny! One step closer to being a domestic goddess. 🙂 I did some pear-drying by myself for the first time this fall. My parents gave me a fruit dryer for Christmas last year and I am tired of fighting my sibs for a share of the dried pears, so now I’m doing my own. 🙂

    I’ve preserved peaches, but it wasn’t canning–just vacuum-packing and freezing. Canning is definitely making a comeback, though!

    Good luck with your apple butter!!


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