Yesterday, before Ballet my mother-in-law sent me a text saying “Tell the girls to have fun at Ballet today”

I said I would.

About an hour later I got another text from my mother-in-law saying “Is Ballet over?”

I texted no, it hadn’t started yet and said to husband “I bet they are secretly in town!”

Husband said “No, she probably just wants you to have the girls call her after Ballet.”

A few minutes later my mother-in-law texted “Have the girls call me after Ballet.”  We decided that Husband was right.

So I was at the girls Ballet lessons.  We mom’s have to hang out in the hall just in case the little kids need to go potty and need our help.  I look up just as Lunchmeat comes leaping into my lap.  I look up and see Husband and my in-laws.

I told my mother-in-law, “The second text gave you away but the third covered you back up again.”

It was  fun surprise.

My mother-in-law went to peek into the ballet class through the window and Peanut saw her.  She shouted in the middle of the class “GRANNY!” and ran to the door with her arms in the air.

That was a fun surprise for Peanut.

A few minutes later Cake noticed Granny and just quietly made her way to the door. (A fine example of how my girls are different from each other.)

That was a fun surprise for Cake.

Next we started thinking how we could surprise the rest of the family in town and I concocted an idea.  I texted everyone saying we were going to be over by their house around dinner time and did they want to meet us at a restaurant for dinner.

When everyone showed up they found Granny and Granddad rather than us. (Although we did show up later)

I believe that was a fun surprise for everyone else.

I’m still waiting to hear about the outcome of the surprise of the fourth family in town.


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