The Cost

There is a cost to everything.  Sometimes it’s not very apparent what the cost is, but it’s there.  I always try to figure out what that cost is and decide if I am willing to pay it.

The girls LOVE to cook. LOVE IT!  So, I try to let them cook with me as often as I can stand to.  Anyone who has tried to cook with children understands how hard that can be, especially if you are actually trying to feed people.  What I usually do I have the girls help me make desert, that way if it doesn’t work out because of all my ‘help’ people still eat.

Yesterday the girls and I made chocolate pudding.  The kitchen was a total mess.  The girls were covered in cocoa powder, as was the floor.  More dishes than needed to be dirtied were dirtied.  I could go on.

Peanut got to stir the pudding on the stove for the first time.   She felt like such a grown up.  Cake and Peanut got to practice taking turns and sharing.  They got to learn valuable cooking skills and I got to explain what tempering eggs was.  The girls and I enjoyed each other.

Cost: Messy Kitchen, Grainy Pudding.

Reward: Happy Girls, Bonding Time.

Totally worth it.



2 thoughts on “The Cost

  1. Jen April 10, 2011 at 1:29 pm Reply

    Good for you Mom!


  2. Lorie April 10, 2011 at 5:33 pm Reply

    Being in the kitchen with my kids is one of my FAVORITE things. A couple of jobs I always let my kiddos have…

    greasing/buttering pans (very messy, but fun and it takes them a while to finish)

    grating cheese (Livi is a pro now because she started when she was Peanuts age)

    washing fruits and veggies, cutting soft fruits with butter knives (strawberries, etc)


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