Recently Cake was invited to a birthday party.  At this party there was a Piñata.  All the little kids were taking turns hitting it with a baseball bat, and being three and four year old’s, were just tapping it and being all cute.

Cake’s turn came.

She was handed the bat.

She walked up the the Piñata.

She put on her “Mean Face”

She proceeded to wale on the Piñata.

Several people commented on how she must have been to a party with a Piñata before.

She hadn’t.

Apparently my cherubic looking little girl just like’s to beat things with bats.  I think I see a future for her as a body guard or as an enforcer for a loan shark or something.  It was really funny.  Cake made quite a dent in the thing both her turns and was the only kid to open it up at all.  They finally ha d a grown up get the candy out, although, I think if they’d let Cake have one more go, she would have got it.

By the way, let me explain what I mean by “putting on her Mean Face”.  Cake is not like other people where emotions just come an go on there faces as she feels them.  She feels them and then you can she in her eyes as she deliberately decides how she wants to express it on her face.

In the case of the Piñata, it’s wasn’t in fact mad, but she was going to hit something so she figured that a “mean face” was appropriate to go along with that action.

She does this alot.

Even when she does not have or feel the related emotion, she will change her facial expression to what she feels matches the action or situation, just because she thinks it’s appropriate.  You can tell because of her eyes and how quickly she changes “emotions” afterwards.

Does anyone else have a kid like that?  It figure that’s gotta be kind of unusual.



One thought on “Piñata

  1. Cutey May 23, 2011 at 8:51 am Reply

    I have never noticed, but now that you mentioned it I’m beginning to think that is how my 4yr works. Maybe it is an age thing. Either it’s fun to watch little kid expressions.


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