The Sun

Lunchmeat does not like getting the Sun in his eyes.

He really hates it.

We will be driving home from the train stop in the evening’s and the sun will be in just the wrong place and will be shining right in his eyes.  His reaction to deal with this is…

He hit’s himself in the face.

I try not to laugh, because it really it quite horrible, but it’s so funny.  Here is this little guy, whacking himself in the face because of the sun shinning in his eyes.  I always try to grab the sun shade or do something to shade his eyes so he will stop, but for some reason he always try’s to grab it out of my hands if he can and get’s mad again at the sun in his eyes.  I’m not sure what to do about it as he’s too little to explain the whole concept to.  I hope it will stop bothering him so much or he will figure out to close his eyes to turn away from the sun, or that hitting himself when it happens it not the answer.

But it’s sooooooooo funny…..

That make’s me a terrible mother doesn’t it.



3 thoughts on “The Sun

  1. Margie Walker June 5, 2011 at 5:20 pm Reply

    I had this exact same issue with Macho. Beauty never liked the sun in her face, but she’d just close her eyes and look in a different direction. Macho would yell, scream and cry whenever the sun was in his face (even a little bit). I eventually went to ToysRUs and bought those stick on sun blockers for the car (you know, they’re the ones that when you put them on your car, it looks like a ghetto version of tinted windows?).

    I bought them in the “van” style (they’re the biggest). Each box comes with 2, so I bought two boxes and I could double them up (layer them). That was the only thing I did that worked! I’d always offer for Macho to cover his face with his blanket, but he’d just pull it right down. So, if you don’t mind the look of ghetto tinted windows on your car, that would be my solution.


  2. persimmon June 5, 2011 at 7:33 pm Reply

    My son hates those window-sun-block-shade things too. We got around the problem by wearing hats and/or sunglasses in the car. If your son is finicky about textures, though, you might want to have him try on sunglasses and hat while looking in the mirror–then he’s focused on how cool he looks rather than how those things feel funny on his head.

    Of course, if it works, it might take away your source of humor . . . 🙂


  3. Jen June 5, 2011 at 10:16 pm Reply

    Hahaha Mack does that same thing and I do what i can to help him, but can’t resist laughing as I do 🙂


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