Let’s Play Catch-Up

So, what’s happened in the last Month and a few days since I wrote…


  1. We went to the family reunion
  2. We have moved to the other side of the valley
  3. We are fixing up our old house to try to rent it
  4. Peanut started back to school in a new school
  5. Peanut now rides the bus with her cousin
  6. My In-Laws moved to town, they live about four minutes from us
  7. My Niece wound up in the Hospital with a funky infection
  8. My Father wound up in the Hospital with his kidneys shutting down
  9. We had an ITP scare with Peanut
  10. I have been working TONS of overtime at work

That’s the big stuff.  I’ll try to be better, but I think you can see why I’ve not been writing much the last month!  I’m hoping, as I always do, that things will settle down.  I just don’t think that boredom get’s the props it deserves.


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