Aunt Shanno’s House

There were a lot of Spiritual experiences related to us moving.  The only reason we even did it was because the Spirit told us to, we were not even considering moving a the time.  There were also a lot of funny things that happened.

Husband took each of the kids aside one at a time.  That was one of those moments where I was really grateful for his wisdom as a Father.  It was a really great way to help the kids transition over to the idea, especially so sudden an idea, that we were moving.  It was especially helpful with Peanut.

He took them aside and talked to them about what they would like if we were to move to a new house and then showed them the map of the new house and told them the reason we were moving, of the big reason being that we would be within five minutes of all of our family here.

Husband was going through this with Cake and the first person he mentioned we would be living close to was Aunt Shanno (as Cake call’s her) and he sowed Cake on the map how far our new house was from Aunt Shanno’s house.

Cake immediately said “I want go Aunt Shanno’s house!”

Husband moved on to tell Cake where Granny was going to live.

Cake’s  response? “I want go Aunt Shanno’s house!!”

Then he said, “Here’s where your favorite cousin lives!”

Cake’s demand. “I want go Aunt Shanno’s house!!!!!!!!!”

At that point the conversation with Cake about the new house was at an end.


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