Three Lives

I feel like I’ve been living three lives for the past two months.

One here in our new home.

One and work.

And one back in our old home.

It makes it really hard to do any very well.

We have been working on finishing up all the projects that didn’t quite get finished while we were living there in preparation for our renter to move in.  It was amazing how many projects were at 95% completion.  It’s also amazing to me that you can live with most projects at 95% completion just fine.

So we would work, do school, take care of kids, and try to spend as much time as we could going to our old house (which is 45 (if you drive fast) minutes from our new house) to finish things up and also try put our new house together and settle into a new life here.  And this was all while I have been dealing with an extremely busy work schedule, starting a new migraine regiment that involves injections (which if you know me at all you will know how much I HATE shots) and Peanut starting a new school, and Husband starting his heaviest semester, and probably hardest semester for his degree.

It’s a good thing I’m on meds already or this would have put me on some.

But, yesterday I officially completed the work on the old house.  I declare it done.

I hope to take some picture of it before they move in this week.  I would really like to re-cap all the things we’ve done to that house and walk down memory lane, as there are so many memories there.  Close the chapter so to speak.

But, it is done.

Well…just one more thing…then it will be done.  I promise.


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One thought on “Three Lives

  1. Anonymous September 4, 2011 at 9:58 pm Reply

    Please post house pictures! Old and new. 🙂 I hate being so split like that. Glad it’s coming to an end for you!


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