Blogging is an interesting thing.  You are putting personal things online for anyone to read.  Once you post it, it’s out there; you don’t control it any more.  The internet is a living creature that once fed does not return and you never know what will happen.

I am very careful about what I share.  I don’t share things that are too personal.  Not only am I a security freak, I’m scared.  Not that anyone besides people I know and trust actually reads my blog.  But I still can’t do it, I just don’t think I could take an off the cuff comment, made innocently I’m sure, about some things.  I’m not brave enough or strong enough.  So I just don’t write about those things.

I have been thinking about this for a while.

Several people I know who have blogs have more courage than I do. They share things that I would be scared to share.  But I am extremely grateful that they were brave enough to do so.

Several of my friend have had some significant trials that they blogged about.  Some of the things that they have shared are extremely personal.  Not only about physical trials, but emotional ones as well, sometimes both. I was grateful to be able to read their experiences and learn from them.  I hope that they know the thing that they have shared and the way they have dealt with them, their sharing of how the Lord had helped them through trials, has helped me in ways that I have never said.  I’m sure their words have helped more others in similar ways then they know about.

The Church has been talking for a while about how we need to have a positive influence on the internet.


These Women Do.


I just wanted to say Thank You and I Love You!


Please Keep Sharing!


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One thought on “Courage

  1. Jen September 26, 2011 at 11:04 am Reply

    I love sharing thoughts, trials, beliefs, whatever…… I think it’s a great way to open up and share.

    Loves! & Miss you!


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