BS through life

I have realized something about Lunchmeat.  He will make a good salesman.

As he has been learning to talk more and more he will construct his sentences like this.

sadlkjas asdkflasjd Juice asldkj aldkja;sd aldskjf;a Cup lalskdjfa asdfjlaskdj NOW!

So he know’s there is supposed to be a whole lot of stuff in a sentence but instead of just saying the stuff he knows he says a whole bunch of goggbldy gook with the words that are real mixed it, to make it sound like he really has something big to say, like he really know’s what he’s talking about.  He’s just full of hot air and BSing.  Just like any good salesman will do.  He does this all the time.  I can just see him BSing his way through life.



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