The Father Son Relationship

The Father Son Relationship is a special thing to behold. There is just something wonderful about the thing that a Father and a son share that can’ be replicated in any other arena.

For example-

Lunchmeat and Husband where spending some time together this evening, doing something that they do together quite often.  They were looking through a Richie brothers auction magazine.

In case you don’t know who Richie brothers auctions are (I didn’t for quite some time) they are purveyors of heavy equipment, or anything else for that matter, but mostly they auction off heavy construction equipment.)

So, as I was saying, they were looking through the magazine for the upcoming auction together and Husband would say, “look at that, that’s cool, what is that?”

And Lunchmeat would Jump in the air and shout, “A DOZER!”

And Husband would say, “That’s right!  It’s a D8 Dozer.  It’s not as big at a D10 Dozer, but it’s REALLY big!  Now, what about this machine over here, it’s really cool too, what is it?”

And Lunchmeat will respond with a fist pump, “A CRANE!”

And Husband will respond, “That’s right! It’s a link belt 175 ton crane, very good….”

You get the idea, they go on like this for some time…it’s quite fun to watch.  I can’t say that I’ve learned anything about heavy equipment from these interchanges but I know that Lunchmeat has and I LOVE to watch them do it.  I love the bond they have together.


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