Letting Go

Today I did something very hard.  I let go.

What I let go of was clothes that my children have worn.

I was moving the winter clothes to storage and pulling out all the summer things and when I asked Husband if I could use some tubs that we had been given to store the things in.  He hadn’t any plans for them so I challenged myself to get rid of enough things so that all the clothes would fit in the five large storage totes.

I learned some things about myself.

  • I stop being emotionally attached to children clothes so much once they are over the age of two
  • It is easier to get rid of clothes when the child who wore it isn’t there telling you how cute it is
  • I have vivid flash backs by merely seeing the clothes my children wore has infants
  • Dresses are harder to part with then pants

It was hard.  Really hard.

I should have more clearly defined my goal before I started.  Because I either succeded wildy or failed.

I got all the clothes that my current children (I do plan on having more at some point) will never wear again into 2 and 3/4’s totes.  But, the winter clothes and the clothes that Lunchmeat and Cake have yet to grow into don’t fit in the remaining two totes….

So…I did really great getting rid of the stuff that we have no need for at present.  Husband is on his way to D.I. with Four of those HUGE black bags FULL of clothes as well as a large box 3/4’s full of shoes.  I feel good about the fact that there are children who need those now who will be able to use them, but my heart is a bit bruised having done it.

Sometimes it is hard letting go.  Even when you know you should.


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