Stay in you seatbelts

Now that school has started again I drop Lunchmeat off at his Granny’s house before I take the girls to school and then I go to work.

Every day as we get there and I take him out of his seat he said to his sisters.

“Stay in you seatbelts”

I find this very funny and so one day I copied him and said it right after him.

Cake was not amused.

“When you say it twice it make me MAD!” she declared as she made her MAD face at me.  She make a very good mad face.

I apologized and told her I was just laughing at Lunchmeat.  This was not good enough for her.

“It makes me MAD!” and she crossed her arms over her chest.

At that point I walked Lunchmeat to the door and tried to cover my laughter.

Why does their anger have to be so darn cute?


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