Things Lunchmeat Said

When asked if he would give the new baby a binkie if he was crying he said, pointing to my tummy, “I can’t get in there.”

When asked why he got in time out he responded, “Because you made me.”

After saying he wanted a gun, we asked why and he said “To ice my friends” then he explained it was a squirt gun he wanted.

When told to clean his room he declared “I can’t, Stuffy Stuffer clean my room!”  Thanks commercials.

When asked about how the Plan of Salvation works he said “If you bad you trapped”.  Which is technically true.

Upon seeing a newborn declared “That baby popped out!”

When asked if he will love the new baby, replied “I love him, just not in my room.”

When asked where the new baby should sleep replied “In the girls room, they like babies.”  Can’t argue with logic like that.



One thought on “Things Lunchmeat Said

  1. Shanan June 15, 2013 at 5:13 pm Reply

    Too funny. He’s one smart cookie!


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