Things Seen on the Way to Work

Man, walking down the sidewalk, wearing only boxers with crazy hair, shouting to the world.

Woman with about 10 dogs on leashes, two riding in a double stroller

Woman, well dress, pearls and all that, pushing a stroller again, but this time the stroller contained a teddy bear.

Woman, sitting on a very large black bundle with signs taped to her saying things like Jesus Loves Everyone.

Chain gang working on the side of the road in stripes as a women, who  happened to also be wearing black and white stripes, walked past.

Man trying to strike up a friendship with a junk yard guard dog.

Man pulling a shopping cart full of scrap, including two office chairs and several mufflers.

Man and Woman dancing down the sidewalk.

Woman watching a movie on her phone while driving.

Man wearing “V” mask

Man riding pink bike, wearing outfit made entirely out of pop tabs.

Two panhandlers fighting for a corner.

Conclusions…I drive through the ghetto, there are lots of people who need more meds, and the world is weird.

Your thoughts?  What’s the weirdest thing you have seen while driving?


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