Baby Shelf

This pregnancy has been harder then my other three.  But I guess that follows the trend, they’ve gotten harder each time.  I think the reason in particular for this one is that I started with my health so much worse and I weighted more and I’m older….oh well.

With all pregnancy’s, regardless of how I felt, there was one thing that I always liked about the third trimester.

The Baby shelf.

That’s the point when you are big enough that you basically have a little shelf on the top of your tummy.  It’s particularly useful when you are sitting on the couch having a snack.  The plate can rest on the baby shelf.  I know that’s probably weird, but that’s what I do.  And it’s one of the ways I can be happy about getting bigger.

So, what did you like about the third trimester?  Try to go beyond, “The baby was almost here!”


One thought on “Baby Shelf

  1. Lady Windermere June 19, 2013 at 4:38 pm Reply

    How about, “I can finally keep a meal down now!” 🙂


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