So you know how it is a common saying that Women forget the pain of child birth, and that’s how they have another kid.  I contend that this is not true.  I think there is something that they forget.  I think they forget (myself being the prime example of this) how tired and loopy you are at three in the morning when a small and helpless person shrieks at a amazingly high pitch because of a desire to be fed.

I remember the pain of child birth.

Peanut – not bad at all, I could do that all day

Cake – c-sections are not fun, especially if you sneeze

Lunchmeat – That was one, if not the most, physically hard things I have ever done

Baby Boy – Only when I reached the transition phase would I call it hard.  Before and after, not too bad either

And that’s not me not remembering, Husband concurs with my assessment.

But the middle of the night, I had forgotten how hard that is.

One of the things that makes it hard is the fear that goes along with it.  So you are so tired you can barely stand, but you have to carry a crying squiggly infant down a flight of stairs, or even just pick him up out of his crib.  I live if fear that I will drop him, or fall down the stairs with him or whack his poor little head on the side of the crib.  Am I the only one?

What did you forget (or wish to forget) about having babies?


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