Cake the big girl

Speaking of changes that happen to your kids…Cake is getting SOOO big!  She has changed so much since last school year.

Of all the big kids, Cake loves Baby Boy the most.  Every day she wants to hold him.  She will hold him as long as I let her.  She always wants to take pictures of him, get things for him, she will put his binkie in his mouth if she can.  She has been talking about when she grows up and has a baby, all the things she will do for her baby.

As hard has it is to let my kids grow up, I have tried to start letting her do some more grown up stuff.  She cooked french toast by herself for the first time yesterday.  I just told her what she needed and watched to make sure she didn’t burn herself on the stove.  She was so proud of herself.

Cake also lost a tooth not very long ago.  She spend DAYS wiggling it and every night she would ask me to try and pull it.  She was SOOOO excited when it came out.

Cake had a really hard time with reading last year.  Mostly she didn’t want to try, but in the last month she has magically figured it out.  I can see how happy she is that I don’t have to push and push and push for every word she reads.  I’m so happy and proud with her for all her hard work.

Cake is the sweetest girl.  I can’t believe how fast she has grown up.



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