Birth Story

So I guess it’s a good idea to write down the birth story for Meatloaf (or what ever I decide to call him on this blog) before I get to far from it and forget all the little details that I would want to remember.

So, all my children have come early, and with the 20 week ultrasound they put the due date for this baby six days early, so I had this expectation that he would come early.  Despite having braxton hicks, which I had NEVER had with any of my other pregnancy’s, not a one. And also having some real contractions (nothing serious or long lasting) I reached the day before my due date and was still pregnant.  At that point I was VERY miserable and basically aching all over, as well as pretty much mentally losing it.

Husband went to my doctors appointment that day and being that I’d never been pregnant that long and the fact that my doctor could tell he was going to be big, we talked about what we could do to move things along.  My doctor said that she would have stripped my membranes, but there was nothing there to strip, which I couldn’t decide at that moment if that made me feel good because that must mean I was close, or feel despair because there was nothing she could do for me to move things along.  She said I was at a four, which apparently is considered active labor even if you aren’t having contractions.  We scheduled for an induction the next week in case I had not had the baby by then.

We picked up the girls from school and then went to my mother-in-laws house to pick up Lunchmeat.  One of my sister-in-laws was also there.  I basically commiserated with them and I decided that despair was pretty much how I felt.  My sister-in-law told me I would have the baby that day.  She later told me she just said that to make me feel better, that it wasn’t a command or anything, but apparently my body listened.

While at my mother-in-laws I started having a few easy and irregular contractions.  They were like what I had been having so I didn’t really encourage me.  They stopped after a while, but then about five that evening they started again but this time they were regular and getting harder.  By six Husband was thinking it was time to call the doctor and get my mother-in-law to come watch the kids.  I called the doctor and we left for the hospital.

Right now we live about 45 minutes from the Hospital where I was going to deliver and this whole time Husband has been concerned that we would not make it to the Hospital in time.  We did, but that car ride was not fun.  I don’t know about you but being able to move around while in labor is the worst thing for me, so having it sit buckled up in a car for 45 minutes was not the most fun thing that has happened to me.

Once we got to the hospital the check in people were all busy.  The front desk people looked at me and said, they would get a triage nurse and see if they can take me back now.  The triage nurse came out and the first thing she asked was how many baby’s this was for me.  I was in the middle of a contraction so I couldn’t talk so I just held up four fingers.  She got a slightly concerned look on her face and asked me if I felt the urge to push.  I shook my head no and she thought for a second and then said she would take us right back to triage.  They got me all hooked up and checked in and they checked me and I was at a six, and 100%, I forget what station I was at.  I thought that was all pretty good.

A few minutes later they got me a LDR room and Husband and I moved there.  About fifteen minutes later my doctor, who wasn’t even on call that night came in.  She decided she wanted to deliver my baby even though she was not on call, which I thought was totally awesome.  She checked me and said I was a seven.  She asked me if I wanted my water broken and I said sure, so we did that.  I expected to throw up, because I had every other time my water broke, but I didn’t, I expect it’s because the doctor did it instead of it happening naturally.

About an hour after that I felt what I though was the the first urge to push, the nurse came back in and I asked her to check me, she said I was at 7.5, which I must admit caused me a great deal of unhappiness.  I was shocked that I had progressed so little from the time my doctor had been in there.  I then got on a ball and a very short time later I felt a few more of what I thought (and it turned out I was right) were urges to push, but since the nurse had said I was only 7.5 I figured they were not and it was so hard that I pretty much gave up.

I told Husband that I couldn’t do it any more and I needed medication.  He told me that he wasn’t going to let me have any because he knew that I would be mad at him afterwards if he did.  I told him I couldn’t do it any more and he told me that I could.  It was at that point that he knew that the baby was ready to be born.  He called the nurse and told her that I was asking for meds and she asked me what kind of meds I wanted.  Husband said no, that means she is ready to have the baby now, you need to check her.  So I tried to get on the bed so she could check me.  My contractions were so close together that I only got from the ball right at the end of the bed to the foot of the bed before another one came and my body again tried to push the baby out.  The nurse told me, “Don’t push!”  My response was, “I can’t”!  She then refined her statement to “Try not to push.”  It think it was probably at that point she realized that it was time to get my doctor.

I don’t know about you but when I am in labor, especially at the end, I can’t really pay attention to what is going on around me, pretty much I rely on Husband to tell me after the fact what else happened in the room.  So apparently four nurses and my doctor came in, the only one I was really aware of was my doctor, which if you know me, that’s pretty weird.  She got everything all set up and two of the nurses got everything set up for the baby and the other two were helping the doctor and me.

Once everything was ready and my next contraction hit my doctor told me to push, and I did.  In between pushes I would rest and I heard a lot of comments by the nurses about what great control I had.  My nurse who had been taking care of me before delivery had commented on that before as well.  apparently once he crowned I took a little break and everyone found that amazing.  Once he got a little father out it turned out he had his hand up by his head.  Once he was head and shoulders out my doctor told me to reach down and get my baby, so I pulled him the rest of the way out.  Honestly, if I hadn’t been in labor I wouldn’t have done that, not because it’s yucky or anything, but because I would have logically though I was too tired to do that, someone else should.  but when I get to pushing, especially this time, what ever I’m told to do I just do!  I don’t think about it or anything.  Again, if you know me you will see how weird that is.

Baby boy squeaked when he first came out but once I had him he didn’t cry.  He just laid there looking at me.  That is the best moment…that first one.

Eventually the nurse wanted to come take him, pretty much to make him cry because he hadn’t made any noise other then that first squeak.  As soon as she touched him he started crying big time, so she didn’t take him then because she got what she needed out of him without moving him.

A little bit later they did take him to weight him and all that other stuff they do.  My placenta had not come out still so my doctor had me push a bit and it came out.  Am I the only one who feel like that is the real moment labor is over, that’s such a sense of relief!

So the whole thing took just under four hours.  I think I had a little bit of shock because it was so fast, after baby boy was born I started shaking a bit and felt really cold. I was fine a few minutes later.

He weighed 9 lbs 13 oz.  His length was 20.5 inches and his head was 14 inches.  When the nurses were weighting and measuring him they kept making astonished comments and sounds.  Apparently they were flabbergasted that he was so big, and I had a v-back with no meds.  Apparently the head size (which I’m going to have to double check to make sure I’m remembering correctly) was so astonishing because I didn’t tare or anything they they checked it twice.

Husband told my doctor that he knew it was time when I asked for meds, she said “Oh, you didn’t need meds!  I wouldn’t have let you have them anyway because I knew you could do it and you were so close.  If it was going to go on for a long time, then sure, but you didn’t need them.  You have such great control, you are really great that this.”

Once my doctor left the nurses talked about how my doctor is as close as you can get to a mid-wife while still having a doctor because of her approach to birth.  Which is one of the reasons I chose her.  She is really great.

Well, that about sums it up.  I’ll write what happened in the following days some time soon.

Questions?  Comments?  Did I tell you something that I forgot to write down here?  What happened at your births?


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2 thoughts on “Birth Story

  1. katie October 17, 2013 at 5:26 pm Reply

    I have been waiting for this post! I am so happy for you. Great job giving birth to a big, big baby boy. Can’t wait to see some pics. 🙂


  2. katie October 17, 2013 at 9:30 pm Reply

    Okay, never mind, I scrolled down and saw the the pictures. Adorable. Meatloaf is quite fitting, I’d say!


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