Egg on my face

So, I learned a few lessons yesterday.  First, you can’t hurry mayo.

I was assigned to make a potato salad for a family dinner last night.  Now with all of the milliontyone things I have attempted to cook in my life, I had never made potato salad for some reason.  So I thought cool, I make something new.  I looked up on the internet a bunch of recipes and got and idea of what to do.  For some reason the day totally got away from me and less then an hour before the party I started to make the potato salad.  Now I know all you potato salad makers out there are laughing at me, but that’s what happened.

So I get into it and I realize I don’t have enough mayo and I think to myself “Self, you can totally just wip up some mayo from scratch, you can make hollendaise sauce and Alfredo no problem, mayo will be a snap.”  Now all of you mayo makers out there are laughing at me as well.

So I look up a recipe really quick, and just start going, I’ve got like 15 minutes before I’m supposed to be at the party so I didn’t take the time to look up and read carefully like I should.  I just threw everything in the blender, sans oil, turned the blender on and started pouring. 

Now I don’t know if my math was bad for tripling the recipe, or if the recipe I grabbed was bad, but the thing NEVER emulsified.  Also, I poured the oil in WAY too fast, and that’s all on me, I knew better.  So it’s all broken and gross.

So then I start looking up ways to fix broken mayo.  They all say add another egg yoke.  So I do…nothing, so I add another…nothing…and another….and another.  At this point I leaning over the blender and getting egg all up in my face while I’m trying to see if it’s finally thickened up.

I gave up.  I grabbed the little bit of mayo I did have and put it in, mixed and ran out the door.  Husband said I should just give it some fancy name and no one would think anything of it. 

I wasn’t going to let mayo beat me in the long run, so the next day I actually took the time to read more carefully how to fix broken mayo.  I was able to make about 1 cup of mayo with only two more eggs.  I still have three cups of eggy oil in my fridge that I need to figure out what to do with…but that’s a different problem.


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