Birth Story part III

So, I guess this is technically no longer a part of the “Birth Story” but it’s part of the same hospital stay so I think it counts.  Last time, I told you the initial diagnosis.  Here’s what happened next.

So, right after all this my best friend showed up to see us.  I missed her call asking what room we were in.  She got to the hospital with her husband and came looking for us.  When she got to my room my mother in law was there and told her what was going on and how to find us.  Husband and her husband gave Meatloaf a blessing.  They said it was all going to be okay.

Then the NICU doctor came and told us the result of the echo and what the plan was.  We were keeping him on O2 until the result of an echo the next day, hopefully the hypertension would go away and we would then be able to wean him of the O2.  He also said the best thing was to make sure he didn’t get upset or stressed so they moved us from the group NICU to a private room so he wouldn’t be stressed by the other babies crying.

Then my mother got there.  She had been about to get on a plane to come when we found out that something was wrong with baby boy so we just had my brother in law bring her to the hospital before we told her.

So I pretty much just stayed in that room with Meatloaf that whole day.  I went back to my room a few times when he was sleeping to eat and lay down.  Mostly my nurses had to hunt me down.  I’m really glad that I do so well after I give birth or that would have been WAY harder then it already it was.

That night I had he nurses call me when ever he needed to eat.  It worked out pretty well, the would call, I would walk down the hall and feed him and then he would go back to sleep and I would go back to my room.

The next morning when my nurse finally found me she let me know that because of the way insurance works I had to check out of my room that night by 9:00 pm.  Husband and I tried to figure out what we could do.  We live to far from the hospital for me to come back and forth to feed baby boy, and I really didn’t want to leave him if I didn’t have to.  There is a hotel next door that caters to the Cancer patients that come to the hospital so we figured we could stay there if we needed to.

The next echo was done and then we waited for the results.  The hardest part was when 9:00 pm came and I had to check out of the hospital without my baby, even though I just turned around and walked back to his room once I was done.


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