Flattery will get you Everywhere

Lunchmeat has been turning into quite the ladies man lately.

At random times he will say things like, “Mommy, you eyes look pretty!” or “Mommy, your hair is pretty!”.  or my favorite to date “Mommy, baby boy is cute but you are the prettiest mommy in the WORLD!”  Second place, “Daddy, you are smart and mommy you are pretty!”

He’s also taken to charming strangers.  I had to stop into the office the other day and he was chatting it up with the ladies and performing while I was taking care of some stuff.  When it came time to leave he turned to one of the ladies and said “Can I give you a kiss?”  she bent down and he kissed her on the cheek. She told him that her people (Italian) give two kisses.  So he gave her another one on the other side.  When he was asked why he gave her that kiss he said.  “Because she’s pretty!”

Suddenly I’m slightly scared for teenage years with that boy.




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