Conquering Dough

I’ve always been a cook.  I like to cook.  I like it when the food I make tastes good.  I can also bake, I make good cakes, frosting, brownies, and what have you.  But there is an area in my baking that I have always lacked. Dough.

My dough’s suck.

If it’s a batter, a sauce, or souffle, I can do it. But for some reason anything that is a dough I can’t do it.  So, I’ve been striving to figure it out.

Thanksgiving I decided I needed to figure out pie crust. I did a lot of reading about what goes on to make a good pie crust.  After that I found a recipe that looked promising and I followed it VERY carefully (with other types of cooking I can just kind of throw it together and it works out great, as that had not EVER worked for dough I thought I would try the normal method) and what do you know, I made the BEST pie crust I have ever tasted.  I made pecan pie, my favorite.

Next on my list was rolls.  I can make a passable loaf of bread, if you go for the dense and heavy loaf, but that never flies with rolls. I applied my same method.  Lots of reading on the internet and then carefully following the directions.  They came out good.  Not great, but good.  I tried again last night and I got what I wanted.  They are not the best rolls I’ve ever had, I think Shanan’s rolls hold that title, or maybe Bri’s, but they are good.  Quite good.

Today is pizza dough.  I have the dough shaped and pre-cooked.  I tasted a little bit to get an idea if was going to turn out.  It tastes promising.

Up next, pasta, or maybe biscuits…

Do you have a area of cooking that is a challenge for you?  Do you have any dough recipes I should try?


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