The Evolution of a Hike

So, I took the kids on a hike the other day. Husband was out of town for work and I thought it would be something nice to get us out of the house and hopefully occupy some time and prevent fighting among the natives.

I warned the kids that if we went on a hike they would have to carry their own water and I could not help them, I would have the baby.  They would have to behave and they could not fight.  They all agreed and were very excited.

It worked at first.  We walked and talked and the baby was happy in his baby backpack. We sat down and ate lunch. Cake said it was the best day ever.

Everyone was happy.

Then I thought we should head back. I had outrage on my hands.  So I said we could walk just a little bit more then head back.  Cake was in front and feeling very big leading us.  We got to a good turn around spot and went back.  Lunchmeat wanted to lead us and ran in front to lead.  This caused Cake to be VERY unhappy.  Then it was a competition for those two, trying to get ahead of each other.  As I was trying to break that up, we missed our turn off.  When we realized that Peanut went into her worry mode.  She was just sure we were going to be lost in the desert forever.

We headed back to the turn off and Cake fell down.  That was the end for her.  Now her world was gloom and doom and I was going to leave her wounded in the desert!  Plus she was thirsty. My repeated telling her that she had water in her bag was to no avail.  And I did what I told her when we started out I would do.

I kept walking.

She finally managed to pick herself up, take a drink, and catch up with us.   Wailing the whole time.  She decided that this had turned from the best day ever to the WORST day ever.  One minute later we were back at our turn off and Peanut realized that we would not be stuck in the desert forever. Lunchmeat reconciled himself to letting me take the lead.  Cake was not appeased.

We got back to the car and I cleaned off Lunchmeat. He had fallen like 10 times and never cried about it even though he was bleeding.  He thought it was an awesome time and he was super tough!  Peanut’s faith in my ability to get us home was restored.  Cake, Cake still thought it was the worst day ever.



2 thoughts on “The Evolution of a Hike

  1. Lady Windermere February 19, 2014 at 9:41 am Reply

    Holy cow!!! I greatly admire your having taken all four kids–including baby–by yourself on a hike! Good for you!


  2. G mail February 19, 2014 at 3:56 pm Reply

    Hi Jenny,
    I loved your story of “The evolution of the hike, ” the part of missing the turn off your way back reminded me when we were returning from the movie at the US Embassy in Yerevan and David took off ignoring us thinking of the way they knew the way back to the apartment. It involves into a full scale men hunt.
    I truly admire what you have accomplished in your life and needless to say I’m very proud of you and your family. I pray the Lord will continue to bless you and yours.
    All my love,


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