Genetic Accent

I have come to the conclusion that accents are not based on where you live and grew up, but genetics.

Cake, has a TEXAS-as-in-east-Texas-deep-south accent that comes out from time to time.

Husband, is a Texan, but he does not have your typical Texan accent. I’ve been told I have no accent, so she didn’t get it from us.  She has been to Texas a bunch of times, but not enough to pick up an accent.  She’s done it since she was little from before you would think she would have the idea to fake an accent.

It’s always really funny to me the times she does it.  It’s usually when she’s feeling very strongly about something, trying to make an important point, or doing a “well, duh” moment at someone.  I guess that’s true of all people, when their emotions are strong their accents become stronger.

All I can think of to account for it is genetics.  She is a Texan through and through, even though that’s not where she was born.

So, have you ever met someone who’s got an accent from somewhere they are not from?


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